Cuckolding Fetish, Here Is Everything You Need to Know

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In the past, the term “cuckold” was used to describe men who didn’t know their wives were cheating. Nowadays, we use it to describe men who enjoy watching their wives get fucked by other men.

Cuck can often be used as an insult, too. The beauty of the porn industry is that no fetishes are created to insult. Fetishes are designed to satisfy your naughtiest urges. The cuckold fetish can be seen as an odd choice. Who could enjoy watching their partner cheat? You’d be surprised!

porn blog hotwife caption Cuckolding fetish, here is everything you need to know

Loads of people are cuckolds, and many don’t even know they enjoy it. You can test it out right here! Or you could check out cuckold websites suggested on Reach Porn, instead.

Why are people into cuckolding?

Like with most kinks, there are numerous reasons why people might enjoy the cuckolding fetish. This can include both biological and social factors. To enjoy the cuckolding fetish means that you like to watch your partner, lover, or spouse have sex with another person right in front of you.

For men, that can be caused by biology. Watching another man have sex with your wife could ignite the passion in bed for the two of you. On the other hand, some people enjoy the feeling of jealousy. Passionate jealousy can lead to intense sex and orgasms.

On the other hand, the person having sex might like to be watched by their spouse. Whether it is to dominate them or show them what they enjoy, there are many reasons that should be considered.

Humiliation and submission

One of the most common reasons cucks enjoy watching their lovers cheat is for the humiliation aspect. In a sense, you could put the cuckolding fetish under the submission umbrella. Cucks will feel humiliated as they watch their partner have fun riding another person.

In some cases, the cuck might take a role in the cheating aspect. For example, in porn movies, you can see the cuck get involved by pleasuring the man who is pleasuring his wife. In other cases, they might also get fucked in the process. You can find many porn websites providing you with this and other fetishes on Reach Porn.

porn blog hotwife caption Cuckolding fetish, here is everything you need to know

The cuck is essentially submitting and letting another man take charge in the bedroom. Submission is a huge pleasure aspect for many, so it all might come from that. That said, you might enjoy cuckolding for the taboo factor only.

Interested in trying cuckolding?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should not jump into this. Think about it carefully and come up with a word that will stop everything if you are uncomfortable. Although many people enjoy the fetish, many might change their minds in the middle of everything.

Once you are sure you want to try that out, you should talk to your partner. If the two of you are on the same page about cuckolding, that is a green light to try and find a person who would want to engage in cuckolding.

Choose a ‘bull’ who satisfies both of your preferences. A ‘bull’ is the person who fucks the cuckold’s partner. Don’t be shy to state your rules do’s/don’ts before everything starts. Also, always follow the safe word!

Safe cuckolding is good cuckolding

Yes, this includes condoms, too. Whether you are picking out a random stranger or your best friend, it is important to use condoms. You do not want to deal with any accidents or surprises afterward.

The voyeuristic fetish could also cause the love for cuckolding. It can be hot to watch two people have sex; it’s like you are getting your own show. So, if you are a voyeur, you might want to look into cuckolding, too. You can just explore Hot Wife Caps or visit Reach Porn for more suggestions. Since cuckolding provides a humiliating dynamic, people tend to forget that the fetish is all about pleasure. Thus, everyone who is involved should be enjoying themselves. This is why the safe word is important. If that is not the case, the act should be stopped.

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