The 5 Steps to Cuckold Your Husband: A Guide for Beginners

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Cuckolding can be exciting for your husband if you do it the right way. Yes, you would want your husband to be a cuckold. You need the courage to tell him that you want to have sex with other men. And, you want him to be present in the room when you are allowing other men to use your body

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So, if you don’t know whether your husband is into cuckolding or not, you have to find that out first. Now, you should set a rule for both of you and that is if your husband gets offended with the thought of even imagining you with someone else, then you should drop the idea straightaway. 

But, before you can be sure that your husband is totally averse to this idea of cuckolding, you should at least introduce him to this fetish. How you can do it and what do you need to if your husband is ready to accept the idea of cuckolding? How you should approach cuckolding? Let’s find out. 

Step 1: How to Introduce Cuckolding to Your Husband?

First of all, you have to make sure that your husband knows that there is a thing called cuckolding. If he doesn’t know it, while you two cuddle on the bed, read him a sex story on cuckolding and see how he reacts. If he gets an erection, then it will be a great start for you.

The second thing you should do is go to free porn videos site and pick a few slut wife videos that are showing the husbands as cuckolds. Now, the porn industry has portrayed cuckolding in a very erotic way which will excite most men. You can also check out amateur porn 18+ videos on cuckolding.

Look, everyone knows that the pornstars in the industry have a habit of exaggerating any sexual act. Thus, if it is an amateur video on cuckolding that you will find many online, you should show it to your husband and see how he reacts to it. If he is hard again, then it is a good sign. 

After that, when your husband knows that there is a thing like cuckolding and he is showing interest as well, hit him with a ‘what if’ question like what if you become a cuckold and something similar like that. If he responds positively, then you are now ready to search for a man to be a part of the fetish. 

Step 2: The Ground Rule to Keep Up With

Once you have done the hard part that is, finding out your husband’s willingness to cuckold and conveying your willingness to the fetish, you should also set some ground rules for both the partners. The rule can be like this;

  • How many men you can have in a year
  • How many times you can have the same man in bed
  • Whether to have a connection with other men apart from sex

Step 3: Exploring How You Would Feel When You Have Someone Watching You Having Sex?

Now, you should know that sex is a very intimate thing for most men and women. You can have the best pleasure when you are doing it alone inside a room with no one watching you. But, if your husband will be a cuckold, he will be watching you. So, you need to dare a bit and go out in various public places and have sex with your husband or flash. Understand how you would feel when someone is watching you having sex. 

Step 4: How to Find the Right Man to Be Your Sex Partner In Front of Your Husband?

Once you are all right with someone else watching you having sex, it is time for you to find a partner. You don’t want any of your or your husband’s acquaintances to be your sexual partner for this fetish. You would want to keep things private. When you tell a man, your partner will be watching you having sex with that man, he will freak out. But, you can find a gigolo or an open-minded man from various hook-up sites to be your sex partner. 

Step 5: Making Your Husband a Cuckold

Once you have the partner ready, it is time to become a hot wife that your husband just can’t resist. But, he will have to sit there and watch you have sex with another man. Prepare a sitting place for your husband to have the best view of the action. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, if everything goes well for the first time, you can rest assured your husband will not require shaved pussies photos to masturbate because he will be masturbating with the thought of you having sex with others. It will be so much fun for you and your husband.

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Steps to Cuckold Your Husband: A Guide for Beginners”

  1. I am in a good cuckold relationship. My husband, Randy, allows me to fuck as many men as I want. Many of times Randy comes home from work and finds me sucking a stranger's cock on our marital bed.

    Often, I would leave a note on the kitchen table saying that one of my bf has taken me and the kids out to a movie and dinner.

    It's more fun knowing I denied my husband my pussy, a pussy that he watches other men enjoy having. I squirt, and can't get enough orgasms.

  2. I am still thinking how convince my wife to make me a cuckold, i would like to have some soft steps to do with her inorder to make her ask me to be a hot hotwife

  3. I am still thinking how convince my wife to make me a cuckold, i would like to have some soft steps to do with her inorder to make her ask me to be a hot hotwife

  4. I shared my cuckold fantasy with my wife quite some time ago and at first she was aghast. Over time she's become more accepting of the idea and actually seems to be aroused by the idea; while falling short of acting the fantasy out in real life.

    I'd be interested to hear from those, who've gone forward from the stage we're in to act out the shared cuckold fantasy and more details on how they accomplished that transition?

  5. My husband and me have a very good cuckhold relationship and have done now for a few years.I can can fuck as many men as i wants no problem and have done over the years.
    My husband is in chastity now and am pussy free.
    And now that it is only us two in the house i has been meeting more men and bringing them home to our bed.He does sometimes get to watch or take pics/vids.

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