Hot Couple Has Steamy Sex at the Pool

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Our vacation to Wine Country was winding down and we decided to spend the last day lying out by the pool. Almost all the other guests had already checked out. As twilight approached a young man we had seen several times joined us. He had been devouring my wife with his eyes all week. I swam to the other end and sat in the hot tub, just to see what he would do, given an opportunity. He did not wait long. Soon he and my wife were laughing and talking. He brushed against her body and moments later, she brushed against his. He glanced at me for protest and found none, so he boldly kissed her fingers, her arm, her neck. He made sure we were alone and untied her top, and then her bottoms. They drifted to the bottom of the pool, along with his trunks. As he moved forward again, kissing my wife’s neck, I witnessed the exact moment he penetrated her.

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