The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else

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Cuckolding is one topic that could have been seen a blasphemy if we were discussing it three or four decades back. Nobody could even stand the thought of seeing ‘their’ women in bed with another man. But, that is not the truth as there were men who were into cuckolding which you can see by watching older porn videos free.

However, at the time, the cuckold was presented as someone who is getting violated along with his wife or girlfriend; that was how the theme of cuckolding was presented in most of the older porn videos. But, if you take a look at the newest Brazzers SEX videos; you will know how the times have changed as now, men are enjoying a lot watching their wife or girlfriend shagging other men. 

wifesharing tips hotwife cuckold hotwife caption The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else

So, if you have a conservative mind, then you will be thinking about what these men get by watching their partner having sex with another man? Look, cuckolding can be very beneficial if it is done with the consent of both partners. It can literally turn your sex life around like nothing else. That is why through this article, we will discuss some intricate things you should know about cuckolding.

Is Cuckolding a Common Fetish

Just like most other fetishes, cuckolding is also a very common one. You will find a large number of men who are into this but scared to talk to their partners because of the fear of ruining you’re their relationship. But, if you talk to your partner carefully and understand her; you can rest assured she will understand you.

Is Cuckolding Only Common in Men?

No, not all because a huge number of women in a survey confessed that they would love to have sex with other men while their partner is watching them in the act. So, just like we were discussing, if you ask your partner about it, she might understand and she might be into it as well but can’t talk to you because of the same reasons that you are scared of. 

Why Cuckolding is Becoming Popular

If you go to an 18+ porn site to watch a porn video, at least there will be a suggestion of cuckolding. So, it is becoming a very popular fetish without any doubt. But, you might be thinking about what people find in cuckolding that is making it so intriguing. Let’s talk about the intricate things that make cuckolding such a unique fetish;


You need to know that jealousy is a key element in making cuckolding so popular. When you are with someone for years, you can lose interest in that person. So, when you watch that person shagging in bed who is technically ‘yours’ only, it will create a sense of jealousy in you and you would want to have that person even more because, in your mind, you own your partner.

wifesharing tips hotwife cuckold hotwife caption The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else


You know what men love to compare themselves with other men. That is why you will hear about the insecurities of men about their penis size. Now, when it comes to cuckolding, the same thing can be said as well. Many men get excited about cuckolding because they get a chance to prove to their partner that they are better in bed than most men. 

Humiliation and Submissive Aspect

Yes, when you are a cuck, you will feel the humiliation a bit. However, you are also being submissive at that time. This is what can make cuckolding exciting for many people. You might start finding your dull wife very hot when you see her in bed with another man and she is enjoying and you can’t do anything. This feeling of helplessness is also what makes cuckolding exciting. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, watching your partner in bed with someone else can be a bit traumatic if you are not in cuckolding. But, if you have this fetish, then it will be a treat for you to watch your partner in bed with someone else. Yes, it is common to have such wishes and it is not anything like blasphemy. So, be confident about your sexual desires and fulfill them when you have time left in your hands.

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3 thoughts on “The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else”

  1. Very hot fantastic fantasy, but I don’t many relationships survive. The people I know who did this all ended up apart. Most had a good thing before.

  2. It turns out for me in my maturity the greatest porn in the world, for me, is watching my partner getting naked in front of another man, or small group of men, observing as she fully exposes herself, and then offers herself, for her and their complete intimate pleasure. I never tire watching a man approaching her holding or stroking his fully erect penis, as she opens her legs and vagina wide in invitation, and he steps between her spread legs and inserts himself in her, and they begin to have sex / fuck right in front of me, as if I was not there. I marvel as I watch a strange man's penis slide in and out of her, until they both reach the ultimate pleasure and he cums deep inside her.

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