Why Men Like Watching Their Wives Have Sex With Other Men

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Over the years, cuckolding has become a very popular porn topic. People love watching porn videos on cuckolding. It just excites them to see that a woman is having sex with another man in front of her husband. But, do you think that this happens only in porn videos on porn sites? No, cuckolding actually happens in real life and if you follow the sites like Reddit, you will know about it.

Now, why is a thing like cuckolding is becoming so popular and why men are enjoying seeing their wives having sex with other men? These are the sort of questions that will come to your mind instantly. And the shortest way your mind will find a conclusion to this is by blaming the porn industry. Yes, the pornstars in the industry have made multiple sexual fetishes popular. 

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But, this one has a deep root and men and women are not getting interested in cuckolding just by watching porn. There are other elements as well to this one that one has to discuss. So, let’s check out why a man might be so into watching his hot wife having sex with other men in front of him. 


You can deny that porn has created an impact on the lives of people more deeply than anyone could even think of.  Yes, porn 18+ is a way not only to express someone’s sexuality but also opens the door for the hidden desire of voyeurism in men and women. Nowadays, having a mirror on the ceiling is quite common because couples like to watch each other while having sex. 

The next step in the inclusion of porn in your sex life was to shoot sex tapes just as porn stars would do. And, this cuckolding is the next level of the pornification of the sex life of people which is happening and no one can deny that. So, from this sense of voyeurism, men might be drawn towards watching their wives having sex with another person. 

The Taboo Thrill

You need to know that people love to do things that are forbidden to do. Do you remember what Eve did in the Garden of Eden? She was tempted to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. This is the basic human instinct. What your society will forbid you to do, you will be tempted to do that again and again and that is the thrill people get while doing taboo things. 

Now, what can be more taboo for society than a man watching his slut wife having sex with a different man? It can entirely ruin the marriage of a couple if you were in the past century. But, now, this is a sexual fetish that people love to do more than watching shaved pussies photos. Thus, it is something that comes from the taboo thrill of humans only. 

Due to Sperm Competition

Do you remember how women used to choose men or men used to choose women as their partners at the beginning of humans on earth? We were not even civilized back then and there were competitions among men to get a woman for them to have sex and reproduce. The humans of this generation also have their genes. And thus, the concept of sperm completion is still relevant. 

When someone is having trouble sexually, this sperm competition can actually help the man to get relief and last longer in bed and ejaculate harder after sex. Being a cuckold will be one of the things that can trigger this sperm competition and help men in improving their sex life. This is still a theory but, people might also do this to improve their sex life. 


Well, there is also a darker side in very bright things. Similarly, in this case, some people treat their wife like a whore and to degrade her, they set up men to have sex with their wives. It is hard to deny these misogynistic and sadistic attitudes towards women from men. So, these men enjoy watching their wives having sex with other men while their wives stay in agony in bed rather than enjoy the act of sex. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, it shouldn’t come to you as a shock that some men enjoy watching their wives having sex with other men because you watch such type of porn and enjoy them. Cuckolding is not an uncommon thing now and if it isn’t done well, relationships can jeopardize easily.

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