Take These Tips Into Practice So That Sex Never Gets Boring and Brings Maximum Pleasure.

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Pose man from above.

  • The poses of this group are the most common, and, at first glance, women and men consider these poses to be the most acceptable.
  • Meanwhile, these poses can cause rejection in one of the partners due to the difference in the goals pursued.
  • So, a man can see in this position a desire to express his power over a woman.
  • A woman can resort to this position in case of indifference to the process of intimacy.
  • If the parties pursue different goals, there may be no question of joint satisfaction.
wifesharing tips hotwife cuckold friends hotwife caption Take These Tips Into Practice So That Sex Never Gets Boring and Brings Maximum Pleasure.

Hotwife top pose.

These positions are preferred by active women, hotwives, as well as women who love the control over men. When choosing this position, women are guided not only by their physical but also by psychological sensations. Face-to-face poses. The poses of this group allow you to see your partner’s face, which gives a sense of togetherness. A great option for couples who love each other endlessly.

Sitting pose.

  • Sitting love positions are quite uncomfortable, but nevertheless, they are often practiced by couples who love sophisticated and sophisticated sex.
  • In a sitting position, a man can easily caress his partner’s breasts.

Standing pose.

If you are thinking about how to have sex in the bathroom, these positions are for you. These poses are suitable for couples in which a man is distinguished by great growth and strength, and a woman, on the contrary, is small in stature and weight. If such a couple decides to have sex, they will be able to engage in it in any position without restrictions. Also, standing sex can be practiced by couples looking for quick sex without serious intentions.

Pose man from behind.

Many women dislike this position because of its symbolism but hotwives simply adore it – a woman is completely subject to a man, and hotwives love dominant men, aka bulls.

How to have sex correctly – tips

The most important condition for having sex is the mutual desire of partners. If it is not there, there can be no talk of a guarantee of success. If one of the partners does not want to have sex or is tired or sick, it is better to postpone sex for later.

You need to prepare for sex.

We are talking now about personal hygiene – everything must go without excesses, otherwise, the memories of such sex will be unpleasant.

Do not be afraid to be creative – the initiative, in this case, is not only not punishable, but also welcomed. Show your imagination – then you will never want to have sex. From time to time, slightly change the scenario of intimacy, this will avoid the monotony and routine.

Alcohol is only appropriate in moderation.

  • 150-200 grams of champagne or wine will stir up interest in sex, while 350-500 grams of vodka has a strong sedative effect, preventing sexual manifestations.
  • Excessive shyness and inappropriate complexes are one of the main enemies of harmonious intimate relationships.
  • Only by getting rid of complexes can you make your intimate life bright, rich and fulfilling.

You can get rid of complexes through communication with a partner – together it is much easier to get rid of persistent prejudices and complexes.

There can be no restrictions in bed, provided that it is over, with the full consent of both partners.

Everything is individual for each couple – if something seems inconceivable to one pair, for others it will be the norm. Therefore, you should not judge your intimate life by the impressions of strangers. Tips and tricks are inappropriate here, there are no general rules for sex and should not be.

Have sex when you feel like it, not when you have time.

For example, in the morning hours – when there is both strength and desire. Sex in the daytime and in the morning is a good alternative to nighttime and evening sex, making your intimate life more varied and versatile. It is especially useful for men to have morning sex because it has been proven that it is in the morning hours that a man’s body produces the maximum amount of oxytocin, which is often called the hormone of happiness.

Sex should be of good quality.

It is known that over time, the former passion fades away, and in order for the intimate life to continue, partners must have sex often – at least 4 times a week.

Frequent sex has a good effect on the psyche and overall life satisfaction.

Few people know that sex is not always intimacy in its usual sense, even simple caresses can be a form of sex. In any case, sexual manifestations should be at least 5-7 times a week.

The frantic pace of modern life negatively affects a person – his health, psyche and intimate life.

Some people are ready to sacrifice all this for the sake of their careers – but in vain, it will be oh so difficult to restore what was lost later.

Don’t cheat on your partner.

It’s about simulating an orgasm now. Few people know that 87% of women from time to time come into intimacy not entirely of their own free will, and 80% of women sometimes fake an orgasm. Of course, the momentary benefit from deception is obvious, but only constant deception can mislead a man, and he will draw his own conclusions regarding the deceiver. Also, you should watch some porn to get turned on. Some scientists said that it is very healthy for sex to each milf porn in the process. So we recommend you to visit https://www.milfporn.tv/.

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