Cuckold Enjoys Watching His Slutty Wife Being Screwed by Another Dude

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Your wife needs to fuck other men. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. She just needs more cocks to satisfy her. Sweetie, his cock is too big… Oh no, he’s making me cum again! WENDY NEEDS WORECOD It’s called “cuckolding” and it’s all about making sure she gets what she needs. Be supportive and if she wants you to stay by her side and watch while she’s getting pounded by a younger guy, then obey her. Enjoy the sight of another man’s hands upon her as he mounts and penetrates her, listen to their skin slapping as he raptures her with the fullness of his thick meat. Tell her you love her as he takes her pussy & gives her pleasure and if she asks you to lick her holes clean afterward, then do it. HOTWENDY79.TUMBLR.COM

One thought on “Cuckold Enjoys Watching His Slutty Wife Being Screwed by Another Dude”

  1. It's not called cuckolding, it's called idiocy! Who wants to be with a woman who is a whore? You fuck whores but you don't marry them!

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