Green Eyed Brunette Flirting With Her Date

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These things always start so innocently; my wife read about a Pajama Party and thought that theme sounded like great fun. I had to agree. So we invited ten of our very best friends, rented some scary movies, bought the pop-corn, and lit the fireplace. All the couples snuggled into place with a few single guys scattered around, sharing blankets here and there. Collen, a thirty-two years old Irish fireman my wife met while taking a writing class at the college, slipped under our blanket behind my wife who was facing me. Collen is working on his English PhD and he and my wife hit it off right away and have been great friends ever since. The first movie was excellent and all of us were quickly and completely drawn in. About forty-five minutes in a sex scene began to unfold and the room was utterly silent. A minute later I heard my wife, right next to me under the blanket, gasp so quietly I almost missed it. Next I felt the lightest of rhythmic movement as her body ever so slightly nudged mine. I slowly slipped my hand down and across her thigh to her pussy, where I discovered the thick, hard shaft of Collen’s cock sliding slowly back and forth into my wife. My heart was suddenly hammering in my chest! Collen was fucking my wife! On the floor right next to me! In a room filled with all our best friends! I tiny voice in my head said I should jump up and beat him to a pulp. But I didn’t. My wife gripped my arm tightly and I lightly touched my fingers to her pussy and his cock, feeling the steady claiming of her by him. Now she knew I knew and she locked eyes with me, smiling a knowing and grateful smile. Her fingers squeezed my arm. I teased a nipple under the blanket and I thought she would scream.

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