Slutty Wife Gets Her Mouth and Cunt Penetrated Hard

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My husband fantasizes about me cheating on him with a big-dicked stranger. I admit the thought gets me wet, and I love how the dirty talk spices up our bedroom, but I never thought I would ever actually do anything about it. I loved having his permission in advance and I can tell you it sure added excitement to an evening out with my girlfriends, but I was more worried it would cause too much harm. But then last night I go out with some of the girls from work to celebrate a birthday and we eventually find ourselves at a male-stripper club downtown. One dancer really caught my eye. His G-string was bulging like a lion lived there and he was handsome and fit, like you’d expect, but his eyes pierced right through me and I could not look away. When he tried to sneak me away from my friends and into his dressing room, I let him. Once he had me alone he became very aggressive, which I loved, and I only put up token resistance. Soon he had my breasts out and I reached for his cock and oh my god, what a surprise I found! He took it out and it was at that moment I knew my husband’s fantasy was going to come true and I would be bringing home a load of cum in my pussy. What neither of us knew, however, was that this particular dancer was known amongst his friends for his huge loads and filled my married pussy with way more cum than I could ever hide from my husband. When I got home my husband could not eat me or even fuck me. I was overflowing with that young stud’s sperm and all we could do was wait until I had absorbed every drop of it.

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  1. The next morning my husband filed for divorce. He said I was too stupid to tell the difference between fantasy and reality!

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