Brunette in White Socks Gets Spooned

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So far, nobody had noticed a thing. The next moments were intense. My fingers drifted onto his cock and I was shocked at the size of him. My fingers didn’t circle his shaft. His hips barely moved an inch as he thrust back and forth. From there I moved up and gently rubbed just above my wife’s clit and she had to stick a knuckle in her mouth to remain silent. When she came seconds later it was with a soundless, open-mouth scream. Collen quietly drew breath and sped up just a bit, then jerked once, twice, and pushed his colossal cock all the way up inside my wife as he emptied his fat balls again and again. Later she would tell me that was the first time anything like that had happened between them. I believe her. She said she felt her pajamas being pulled aside and something moving between her legs, but he was so big she honestly didn’t realize it was his cock. Once she realized it was, she was so overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, she was powerless to stop him.

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