Brunette in White Socks Gets Spooned

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too big bigger dick hotwife caption brunette in white socks gets spooned
So far, nobody had noticed a thing. The next moments were intense. My fingers drifted onto his cock and I was shocked at the size of him. My fingers didn’t circle his shaft. His hips barely moved an inch as he thrust back and forth. From there I moved up and gently rubbed just above my wife’s clit and she had to stick a knuckle in her mouth to remain silent. When she came seconds later it was with a soundless, open-mouth scream. Collen quietly drew breath and sped up just a bit, then jerked once, twice, and pushed his colossal cock all the way up inside my wife as he emptied his fat balls again and again. Later she would tell me that was the first time anything like that had happened between them. I believe her. She said she felt her pajamas being pulled aside and something moving between her legs, but he was so big she honestly didn’t realize it was his cock. Once she realized it was, she was so overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, she was powerless to stop him.

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One thought on “Brunette in White Socks Gets Spooned”

  1. I know I had my best friend fall asleep in my bed beside me so when she was sleeping I could just let him move in my spot. Since we were just 12, years old I’ve told him many times I will watch him stretch my girlfriend out one day. Every fat Cock deserves a tight Hotwife or cheating girlfriends hole that is so tight they have to work at it to squeeze it in her. I watched him hold his cock pushing the tip over and over until it slid inside her and she was already stretching around just the tip of him. I told him try to keep her asleep but she woke up and I was acting like I was asleep. My Cock still throbbing from watching him. And she got up and slid her hands from his chest down to his ass and motioned for him to follow her. I let her take him out the room and I wait maybe 5 minutes and then I could hear her gagging a little bit. I crawled out the door and laid at the top of the stairs and her telling him between the gags that “he won’t hear anything if we go to the garage. He won’t even know. And let’s come down here every time you come over. I am just yours to fuck” so i listen for a good hour at least. Hearing her talking shit about me. I go to the room and lay down to wait for her to come back to the room. I could hear her moaning and hear loud thumps of her having Cock slammed that hard inside her. She came back to bed. Visibly worn out. Face red. Pussy red and swollen, handprints on her ass and seen cum running out of her. Let’s just say she knows I told him to abuse her holes now. She still fucks him. I love it.

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