Two Hot Blondes in Slutty Outfits Outdoors

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My wife’s college friend Page is very hot and a total slut. Page stops by our house fairly often and the subject generally involves vivid details of her sex filled nights out on the town. Page never hesitates to tease me about getting me all worked up, in her words, I must like hearing how other guys fuck a hot girl. She constantly begs my wife to go out with her, my wife’s response was always the same, “I can still handle it girl, all I need is his permission”. One late night, after too much wine and an extra hot story I gave my OK. he next Saturday the girls went to Page’s place to get ready together, just like they always did in college. I was to pick them up and drop them off in time for happy hour. When I pulled up and I saw my wife dressed in one of Page’s fuck-me outfits I was speachless. As they got in the back seat, they had clearly planned for Page to do all the talking, “This is how we dressed when they went out looking for cock in college. Things are going to be a lot hotter now that I got my girl back. When we do get back to your house, we both agreed its only fair to let you get naked and jerk off while two hot girls tell you everything that happened to them tonight. Hands off until then hubby”. They got out, my wife never even looked back.

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2 thoughts on “Two Hot Blondes in Slutty Outfits Outdoors”

  1. However, that was not necessary. When the whores were gone I packed my things and left the apartment. The next day I filed for divorce. Now the whores can have as many girls' nights out as they want.

  2. I made sure to drop them off at a club where my black co-workers frequent. They have never met my wife and I can't wait to hear them talking about a married white woman and her girlfriend, not knowing they had fucked my wife.

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