Dark Haired Wife Looks Stunning in Red Dress

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Kent said we had that look, my husband and I. We were new to it all. Kent said we just needed a little push. I ended up inviting him, to our room. I had taken my time getting very pretty. Kent was tall and muscular, a little rough. Just the kind of guy my husband and I had talked about. My husband slipped out the door so Kent and I could get acquainted. I smiled and waited for him to say something. Kent told me what a fine ass I had, gripped my hips and then slid his hands around to manhandle my breasts. hardly knew what was happening, but I didn’t stop him. He lifted my dress, kicked my legs apart, bent me over the chair, then drove his cock into me. It was like nothing I had felt before, splitting me apart. Somehow, I was dripping wet. I came; it took me totally by surprise. Kent said he counted two more orgasms before he came. was a panting wreck. A sign of things to come, I now see. He stayed in me, getting hard again, then fucked me over the chair again. I came repeatedly now, surprised, delerious look in my eyes he said. He emptied another load of cum in me. “Don’t move,” he said. He took out his phone. He sent the pic later, legs spread wide, white cum dripping from my fresh pussy, breasts hanging out, hair all over. “Okay, pull on your dress. Let’s go meet your husband for lunch.” I wanted to tidy up. “No time for that. Come on, you’ve got ten seconds.” I was still zipping up as we went out the door. At the restaurant, I could hardly string two words together. Cum was leaking between my thighs, staining my dress. We were just supposed to talk, to see if we clicked. “Yes,” was all I could say. My husband beamed. “So when do you want to meet, then, the two of you, and, you know, go all the way?” I played with my food. “How about later, after lunch?” I said. I was such a hot wife. that

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  1. The next time they met, the process server was waiting with the divorce papers and a lawsuit against her fucker. It's that easy to get rid of a whore!

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