Thrill of Flirting With Other Men in Front of Husband

hotwife cuckold cuckold stories hotwife caption Thrill of flirting with other men in front of husband I am in a dirty mood tonight. My husband always talks about how much he loves it when I flirt with other men. He always asks questions about my sexual past or which guys at work I think are hot. Often when we are out on the town he encourages me to play with other men, act like we don’t know each other as he watches me interact with them. I’ve thought about taking things farther…I wonder how far he would actually let me go. He is watching me right now from across the bar. I think tonight I am going to find out.

2 thoughts on “Thrill of Flirting With Other Men in Front of Husband”

  1. My wife likes flirting with other men young or old. She's alwith talking n touching the, n laughing with them

  2. I wish my wife would flirt with other men were I can see her, letting them feel her all over. I would love to see that. 🔥

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