Wife With Ponytail Walking in Sexy Lingerie and Heels

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Your wife is so excited, and you know better than to dampen her enthusiasm if you don’t want to sleep on the couch for the rest of the week, if not worse. She’s been trying out clothes for the past hour, and finally resolved the underwear question, settling on a wispy bra and thong combination that reveals a lot more than it hides. The bra pushes up her firm sensitive breasts upwards like an offering, and the thong does little more than frame her perfect ass for optimum ogling. Your wife’s all excited because an ex-boyfriend of hers is coming back from a year-long stint exploring the Australian outbacks. She dated him a while back, before you came into the picture, and was really head-over-heels for him. He was the one to dump her, stating that he needed some fresh pussy. She’s been hanging out with him on and off since, but it’s been a year now he’s been gone. For the last six months, your wife’s been preparing for this guy’s return, putting in enormous amount of time at the gym to tone that already fantastic body of hers. Her legs are perfect now, emphasized by those fuck-me heels she’s wearing. You just wish she took half as much care to look sexy for you. “What do you think, honey,” she ask you from within the closet. “My tight little black dress, or that swirly red dress with the slit up to my waist?” It doesn’t really matter, you think. She told you enough about him for you to know that whatever she’s going to be wearing tonight will end up bunched at her waist by dessert time. He’lI fuck her first, probably from behind while she’s bent over something, and after he spews his load deep inside her pussy he’ll make her suck him off- she always said he likes his bitches to taste themselves on his cock -and your wife will docilely do it, doing her best to pleasure him with her mouth, trying to take as much of him down her throat as she can. She’s been practicing that for the last six months as well, deep-throating larger and larger rubber dildos, while you watched, aroused and envious. And after he’s let out another load deep into her throat, forcing her to swallow everything, after that, he’s going to fuck her ass. That’s his finishing move, she said, a hard and violent assfuck that will keep her from sitting comfortably for at least a week. -b3

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  1. ….but that's not a problem because the divorce papers will be served to her in three days and the video of her adultery will be with her family, friends and colleagues by then. Then the whore has other problems than being able to walk and sit without any problems.

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