Wife in See Through Dress by the Fireplace

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After our civilized dinner, Paula’s husband told her it was time to change. I came back into the room. She was leaning against the fireplace. I told her to look at him and not stop.I slid my hands slowly up her sleek, tanned legs. I took out my thick, heavy cock and pressed it between her ass cheeks through the fabric. She gasped. I circled her clit till she came, her eyes locked on her husband the entire time. Such a good girl.I lifted the gauze of her outfit, and slid her my cock up bare ass cheeks., “Where do you want it?” I said, knowing the eyes fluttered, still on her husband. answer. Her “In ass.” She spread her legs wider and my lifted her ass, angling it. Her juices kept drip- ping down her thighs as I kept circling her clit. I wetted my cock in these juices, then rammed it into her ass. She cried out and gripped the mantle. “Yes. Yes.” she said. Her eyes widened. I looked and saw her husband had just shot his load. I circled her clit as I fucked her ass and she came several more times. Finally I was ready myself, and lunged harder, gripping her hips, digging my fingers in, knowing I would be leav- ing fingermarks for her to share with her hus- band for several days. She came again and lost her grip on the mantle, crumpling so I had to hold her up as I rammed into her and emptied my load. She dropped to the floor. Thanks, I said, and left her for him to pick up. Perfect..

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