Unfaithful Wife Sharing Her Dirty Secrets With Hubby

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“Honey, listen, I have something I have to tell you. You’ve been so busy these last few days with work I haven’t had a chance but I have your attention now so you need to listen to me; I finally fucked someone else like we’ve talked about! It was last Saturday night. I was going to let you reclaim me when you got home but you fell asleep before I could tell you and then you were gone. Now it’s Wednesday and I fucked him again last night and you have to know! I’ve had another man’s sperm in me for four days; while we talked in the kitchen, while you brushed your teeth, while you slept next to me all night, while you got dressed and kissed my cheek as you left every morning…Now his cum drips from my pussy as we speak and here you are on your way out the door for work again so I had to stop you. I know you have to leave so have fun at work and hurry home to me…”

One thought on “Unfaithful Wife Sharing Her Dirty Secrets With Hubby”

  1. all women should really pay attention. You best really better know your husband like better than he does because i don't think women seriously think these things through all that well. I know if my wife is paying attention she should know well enough by now that if she ever tried this with me what the risks she is taking

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