I Cheated My Husband With Boss I Couldnt Resist

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I’d been flirting with him at work for months. How could I help myself? He was gorgeous, strong, powerful. and it was all just innocent fun. He knew I was married, after all.

But then I found out I was the only employee the company was sending with him to the upcoming conference.

When he kissed me on the first night, I was nervous. “My husband would be so jealous of you,” I told him. He laughed. He seemed to enjoy the idea of taking another man’s devoted wife.

And I had to admit that I liked the idea of being taken by him.

So l took off my wedding ring. For four days, I was all his. And I let him inside me each morning and each night.

I would be back to my husband soon enough. But for now, I deserved a little vacation.

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One thought on “I Cheated My Husband With Boss I Couldnt Resist”

  1. Upon her return, the whore was served the divorce papers and her fucker and the company a lawsuit! Her husband never spoke to the whore again. His lawyer arranged everything for him! The Lawsuit against her fucker and her company made her ex husband wealthy!

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