Hot Couple Dancing and Kissing in the Dark

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We danced and he held me close and I felt his warm, firm, muscular body under his clothing. After a few songs I began to feel him swell with excitement and it totally got to me. I pulled him even closer and pressed my body tightly to his, making eye-contact with my husband. Up to this point he had not interfered at all, expressing only curiosity in his eyes. But now I saw excitement there too. Would he let me take things farther? How far would he let me go? I felt a sudden rush of heat as thoughts of this man fucking me poured into my mind. Was it possible? When Clive tilted my head back to kiss me I risked a quick glance at my husband and saw only lust and excitement there. I closed my eyes and felt Clive press his lips to mine and my head swam with everything that was happening to me. I was so turned on! I could not wait anymore… slid my hand down his back, over his firm ass, and around to the front, gently squeezing his fully hard and incredibly thick shaft. We both groaned with want at the same time. We locked eyes and he asked me to his room but I said no, go pay the tab and meet me in mine, and gave him the room number just loudly enough for my nearby smart husband to hear. He understood immediately, dropped some cash, and left for our hotel room ahead of us. My heart was pounding beneath my ribs and I was having trouble breathing. We were really going to do this?!?

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