Gf in Panties Gets Her Coochie Fucked Missionary Style

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Rise and fall, rise and fall…as he shot my wife full of his cum, his hefty balls would lift and drop, lift and drop. My chest tightened; it was tormenting to watch. With each jet he was pumping more and more of his sperm into her, and she lay there so willing to accept it. She was exhausted from the many orgasms his thick cock had brought her; her clit rode directly against his thick shaft and she was utterly at his mercy. As I watched he was making her pussy his. He had breeding rights with my wife at this moment and he was exercising them to the utmost. All I could do was wait my turn and hope my balls could produce a matching quantity, but I must admit, it did not seem likely. His balls rose and fell yet again and I my tight chest was making it difficult to breathe.

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  1. Then they hauled me for life without parole for double homicide. I would have made the news if my wife ever did that

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