Cuckold Fetishes: There Are Always 3 of You or Even More

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The most popular scenario of sexual fetish games for spouses is not BDSM, and not bondage, not even foot fetish. The Cuckold culture began to capture the world a long time ago and on the website we dedicated a place of honor to it and its fans. Do you want to know who is who in this story? 

Be careful, this text causes a burning interest in the topic of adultery, fantasies, and dreams, which are hard to fight! If new hot fetishes immediately pull you over your head, then you will definitely like this topic! And if you share it with your spouse, it is quite possible that she will ask you for a hall pass, and you will get a cage for a penis. 

porn blog hotwife caption Cuckold fetishes: there are always 3 of you or even more
In my threesome fantasy, you sit over there and watch, baby

Infidelity, or sexual freedom in a couple? 

Young spouses, mature couples – there is no rule! The situation of sensuality excites many, regardless of who they are, where they come from, and how long they have been together. Some commentators on our site were shocked by such entertainment, but others say that Cuckold Live Cam is their favorite category of

Let’s clear the terms right away: 

  • Cuckold – is a husband supporting his wife’s infidelity. 
  • Cucquean – is a wife who supports her spouse’s infidelities. 
  • Bully – Wife’s young lover. 
  • Sexy wife – is a nasty and sexually free wife. 
  • Hall-pass – permission from her husband to date and have sex with other men. 
  • Datenight – Sexy wife goes on a date and she will have sex… and her husband stays at home at that time. 

Note that we are not talking about a suffering spouse who suddenly finds out that his wife is cheating on her husband. No, this is a story about the mutual pleasure that the infidelity of one of the spouses gives them. This is the choice of both, only there you can not just play a fetish, but turn your family life into a sweet sexual fetish. 

On our website, we have already considered the reasons why a man or a woman may crave this, and you will find all topics in the categories Cuckold Live Cam, Cuckold Web Cam. There will also be links to online couples who are ready to show you the coolest performances on this topic via the webcam. 

What does Cuck do while his wife is having fun? 

Cuck is an abbreviated and a bit contemptuous nickname for Cuckold. The husband can be the initiator, but not participate in his wife’s entertainment. He may well just watch and jerk off while she has fun with her lovers. 

They can let him get close, and even serve bull while he explores all the possibilities of his spouse. By the way, there doesn’t have to be just one lover, you know? It can be a whole sex party, to which the husband is invited only as a spectator

And sometimes he just waits at home while she goes to Datenight so that later he can listen to his wife’s stories about her infidelities. Whether they are real or not is already the secret of each couple. It happens that the wife just spends time the way she likes, but then still invents kinky stories for her husband. 

Cuck can be also engaged in gentle oral sex or kiss his wife while her bull will furiously fuck her in all holes. Well, it all depends on how far couples are willing to go for mutual pleasure. 

The reverse, but still a similar situation with the Cucquean script. She also watches her husband having fun with other women, or only helps her husband to have fun. It’s interesting, but this option is less common. Apparently, women still do not lie when they say that they are more jealous than men. 

What makes couples choose this fetish? 

Most often – the monotony of sexual life especially if a couple has a hot sexual temperament. They’ve been together too long, and they want something new and exciting. But here it is very important to understand that such a fetish is available only to those couples who have absolute, 150% trust in each other. 

Here it’s all about openness, and frankness, oddly enough, without them the game of infidelity is immediately lost. These are not secret meetings that bring pleasure to one and disappointment to another. 

It’s sexual openness and freedom in a couple, but they’re still a loving couple. If someone is having fun and the other is suffering, this is a completely different format. Although, it can also be considered a fetish if you think about it that way.

If you decide to try such a relationship, then look for a detailed guide in the appropriate categories on our website! We would advise not to start right away with hard Cuckold parties. 

Go to a bar together, but let your beloved flirt and chat with other men (or women, if you’re a Cuckquean). Evaluate your feelings at the same time – do you like it? Does it excite you and do you want her to go even further with new acquaintances? Or do you want her to shut up soon and you go home? This is the simplest test for whether a fetish suits you or not. 

But if you liked it – start your experiments in a world where almost everything is allowed! By the way, very often cuck gets a chastity device for a penis because his sexy wife does not want him to touch himself! But, this happens when your love of infidelity meets her passion for BDSM. 

Webcam couples and not only 

We have recommended some real webcam couples and even trios who will be happy to show you the real life of the Cuckold family. They don’t hide anything, even appear together in public places. They feel completely relaxed, and invite everyone to look at how their life is arranged. 
And there are a lot of such couples in the webcam world. And really, why hide your fetishes if they bring so much pleasure, and most importantly harmony into your life? Look for links to find them on – meet, have fun, and join their sexy entertainment online!

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