Beautiful Babe Getting Stripped and Pleased

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wifesharing hotwife caption beautiful babe getting stripped and pleased
What a tidal-wave of emotions! I watched him remove piece by piece the lingerie I had purchased and dressed her in for him. Gentlemen, until you watch another man undress your wife with the intent of fucking her, you don’t know how hard your heart can be squeezed, you don’t know how fast it can race. I was feeling something like panic when he first put his hands on my wife. Every sigh she made, every moan stabbed right through me. My mind screamed at me ‘what are we doing!’ but my twitching cock, harder than it has ever been, overruled everything. When he slipped a finger into my wife’s pussy and announced she was soaked, I was stunned. She was soaked for him! She was moaning for him! Soon she would suck hard on his huge cock to please him, spread her legs to offer her pussy to him, cum like an earthquake on him. Then, when I was sure I couldn’t take any more, she would grab his ass to pull that massive cock deep as possible as he bucked and thrust and shot his hot cum far up into her.

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