Amateur Missionary Sex Action in Bed

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wifesharing hotwife caption amateur missionary sex action in bed
Your wife watched lustfully as her lover eased the head past her swollen lips. Besides this was the first unprotected cock she had ever had inside her pussy. Now, he was going to fuck her bareback and cum inside her right in front of you…

One thought on “Amateur Missionary Sex Action in Bed”

  1. She should've taken many, many dicks since she married, always bareback. Otherwise, what's the point? Where's the thrill?
    At a guess, in the nine years sine we married, I've had at least one stranger's dick in me every week. Occasionally many more. I always let them cum inside me even though I don't take birth control. I love the thrill of it – I take the morning after pill. So far I've only been caught out twice. My husband never knew a thing!

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