Wife Belfie by the Pool – Her Ass Spread by Thong Bikini Attracts a Lot of Males

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cuckold vacation hotwife cuckold wife exposed hotwife caption wife belfie by the pool her ass spread by thong bikini attracts a lot of males Your wife loved to give men a glimpse of what they could have whilst you were on vacation.

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One thought on “Wife Belfie by the Pool – Her Ass Spread by Thong Bikini Attracts a Lot of Males”

  1. On our last vacation to Jamaica I caught my gorgeous wife sucking a massive black cock on a chaise by the pool. A small crowd of 5 or 6 watched in amazement as she skillfully, and easily, took his thick throbbing slab into her talented throat. Balls deep. As she increased the pace of sucking his engorged, foot long warrior cock the bull threw his head back, grunted, and unloaded a thick load of warm, freshly sucked cum into my beautiful wife’s hungry, talented mouth. With strands of spent spunk oozing out of the side of her mouth, she reared up her willing ass and accepted the cock of her second bull of the day, deep in her perfect ass. This went on for about an hour. She was fucked in all of her holes by a gang of bulls. When finished, she laid on her side on the chaise, cum seeping from her well used ass and cunt, and covering her luscious tits. I bent down to kiss her and whisper in her ear, “I love you, my sweet whore.”

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