What Happens When Wife Goes Topless on Vacation in Front of Black Man

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He got talking to your wife down by the pool. You weren’t gonna mess with him. She went back to his room. She returned at 8am. Oh and she loved it and is now pregnant.

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3 thoughts on “What Happens When Wife Goes Topless on Vacation in Front of Black Man”

  1. Once she confessed to fucking him all night, I licked her clean as she told me how she loved fucking him. After she showered, we went to his room and I knocked on the door. When he answered, my wife went into his arms and kissed him deeply. I then introduced myself and told him I licked my wife's delicious pussy clean as she told me how you fucked all night. She loves your cock and I would love to watch you fucking my wife and cum in her again so I can lick her clean. I looked down and saw his huge, black cock twitching, then looked him in the eye asked if I could suck his cock and hopefully impregnate my wife.

  2. My wife is always successful picking up men at the pool. Whenever I see her talking to a Black man I know what is going to happen. Sometimes I get to watch; sometime not. Often they just go back to his room and I'll see her the next morning. Sometime's he's reticent so I'll reassure him and deliver my wife to his room.

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