Fiancee Sucking Off Black Guy

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She said yes to your marriage proposal, but only if she tried a black man before commiting to a white future. You watch as the bull takes off her white dress, sucking his huge member as she kneels in her panties. They lie on the bed as his erect ebony shaft rubs against her dripping vulva, before penetrating her to orgasmic delight. He thrusts vigorously as screams “it’s so fucking big!” followed soon by “Come inside me!”. The bull unloads deep inside her. You ask her if she will marry you now, but there is no going back.

3 thoughts on “Fiancee Sucking Off Black Guy”

  1. The very thought of my wife with a black turned me on so much I thought I would burst. When making love to her I would ask her if she would do that for me at least once, After many years of talking and begging she gave in, To say the least it was by far the greatest thrill of my life, My black friend agreed to service her and I could watch, He ask if her could cum in her, and before I could answer she said sure that was what she wanted, Needles to say I'm raising a haft white/black daughter. I love her very much.

  2. If she was my fiancée, I would want her to have her black lover's cum leaking down her leg as she walked up the altar to marry me. I would want her off birth control so she her black lover could breed her during the honeymoon.

  3. I would love kissing her when he cums in her mouth, and lick her clean everytime he cums in her fertile pussy and ass.

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