Slutwife Startup to Do List

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HOTWIFE Beginners Challenges

• Confess to your husband you have fantasized about another man.
• Give your husband a handjob while you describe an old hookup.
• Make your husband masturbate while you describe an old hookup.
• Send your husband naughty pics you didn’t take at home.
• Begin wearing an anklet.
• While out with your husband, point out men you’d like to sleep with.
• Flirt openly in front of your husband.
• Flirt openly when your husband is not around, tell him about it afterward.
• Go to a club and dance provocatively with another man while your husband watches.
• With your husband’s help, create a profile on a dating app.
• Begin chatting with other men on a dating site.
• Send another man a naughty pic with your husband’s knowledge.
• Have your husband help you pick out new sexy clothes and/or lingerie you could wear for other men.
• Carry a condom in your purse – let your husband know you carry it just in case.

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