Slender Wife Gets Sandwiched Between Big Dick Dudes

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Recently my wife and I vacationed in San Diego. After a delicious dinner followed by sexy dancing, we returned to our hotel room. As we began fooling around I noticed our drapes were still open and with the TV on, anyone outside could see through the sheers. I wasn’t too worried though; it was late and we were on the top floor. We had been enjoying ourselves half an hour when I noticed movement out the window. A man was watching me fuck her. In the light I saw him stroking his big heavy cock. I watched him while I pumped my cock in and out of my wife to his stroking rhythm. He understood immediately and leaned back to show me his huge, rock-hard erection. I saw the door was unlocked so with a nod of my head I invited him in. My wife still had no idea. I buried her face in the pillow so she would have no idea until the last possible second. I moved to the couch and made my wife suck my cock. I positioned her head down and her pussy up and open in invitation. He played it exactly right. Like a mind-reader he understood what I was doing. He dropped the last of his clothes and stepped up behind her as I forced my cock down her throat. When she felt the tip of his cock at her labia she jumped and tried to turn but I held her down as he pushed his massive cock into her. After a second of shock she moaned and lifted her ass to help him drive it deeper and good lord did he. His cock was huge. My wife groaned and pushed back and when he withdrew I saw her drenched pussy coated him in her juices.

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  1. I talked how I wanted us to fuck another guy and I wanted him bigger than mine. I told her my friend that he had a big cock thicker then mine. I was in prison and she was mad at me so on the phone she told me she fucked him. I was ok but I really thought fuck we could have done him together. She said it was not good but I don't believe it still. I just want her to tell me yes I liked it and I came . I still jack off thinking if we would have fucked together.

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