Skilled Wife Sucks and Fucks Two Curved Dicks

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Soft, this cock was already thicker and longer than my husband’s cock when hard. I was fascinated by it and more than a little eager to get it fully erect and inside me because I was sure it would feel incredible. My husband’s hot breath in my ear brought me back to the moment; “I’ve been inside you for twenty seconds now and you didn’t even notice…you must really want that big piece of meat you have in front of you…”I blushed because what he said was true. I hadn’t even felt my husband penetrate me. “Yes Baby, you are right. In fact, I plan on using your cum as lube for this much bigger cock. I’m going to make you cum way too fast by letting you know that this man we just met will get to feel my pussy wrap around his bare naked cock. I’m going to let him push it inside me unprotected. He’s going to fuck me hard with it, your cum making him all nice and slippery so he can get every huge inch buried and then fuck me like his bitch. I really want him to pound me right in front of you. Just own my married cunt as you watch until he has me cumming and cumming again on it and then telling him to flood me with his seed. His balls are twice the size of your Baby. He will shoot much more inside me than you can. But that’s not the end of it. As soon as I suck him hard l’m going to give him my pussy again and again all night until your poor cum doesn’t stand a chance!” And with that I heard my husband groan and spurt his cum inside me, getting me ready for this monster prick.

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