Skinny Wife Fucked With Legs Wide Open

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“Spread your legs wide,” the man ordered my wife. “I want your husband to see this.” My wife complied and spread her legs so I saw his overpowering penetrating of her. She turned her guilty eyes away from mine, but did not stop. “Now I give you a choice,” he continued, smoothly fucking my soaking wet wife as he spoke. “Tell me to pull out and shoot on your stomach and I will…but say nothing, and I will give you the hot cum I know you so desperately crave… My wife looked at me again and looked away, moaning in submission to him and his dominating cock. He sucked in air and roared as he began to fill my wife with his cum.

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  1. I love watching my wife being fucked and seeing hot cum flow from haer pussy nad then i fuck her and loves to sit on my face.

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