Redhead Bitch Just Confessed an Affair With BF’s Friend

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friends dirty talk cum dump cheating captions hotwife caption Redhead bitch just confessed an affair with BFs friend I got drunk at the party last night, yeah, but things didn’t get TOO out of control… I mean, Joe tried to fuck me, but I only gave him a blowjob… That’s okay, right baby? That I let your friend cum in my mouth but didn’t let him fuck me?

2 thoughts on “Redhead Bitch Just Confessed an Affair With BF’s Friend”

  1. Joe is separated from his wife and I don't think blowjobs will satisfy him. Maybe I should invite him over and you can fuck him all weekend.

  2. Honey, please fuck him next time and let him cum inside you. Then feed me creampie when you get home.

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