Gf Kisses Her Man and Milks His Dick

wifesharing hotwife caption gf kisses her man and milks his dick
“I know you really want to fuck me now, Honey, but he will be here in a minute, and just imagine how much you will want to fuck me after he has…”

wifes story of leting hubbys black friend fuck her

One thought on “Gf Kisses Her Man and Milks His Dick”

  1. I organized for my friend to fuck my wife, I shaved her pussy clean as my friend likes, but I was so horny and wanted to fuck her, she told me no, I can only fuck her after he is done with her, I had to watch and jerk off and came in 10 mins and he ended up staying the night and fucking her all night 🔥🔥🍆🍆💦💦

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