Cuckold Jerks While Watching Wife Being Screwed by Pervert

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6 thoughts on “Cuckold Jerks While Watching Wife Being Screwed by Pervert”

  1. We invited Tony over almost every Saturday morning for three years. I loved sucking his beautiful black cock for my wife to enjoy fucking.

  2. I watched one of my trainees fuck my wife at least once a day for the 4 weeks I was training him, Im thinking it was more like two or three times a day, my cock would get so fucking hard, she loved his cock and I really liked getting his leftovers

  3. Sono stato a guardare un nostro amico che montava mia moglie e le sborrava tutto dentro senza preservativo e mia moglie non prendeva la pillola. Eccitazione alla stelle e per qualche settimana non sapevo se era rimasta incinta.

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