15 Sex Positions You Must Try to Spice Up Things in the Bed

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Friends, gloriously bright beach days and your go-to manicure are all the better on repeat. But what about your sexcapades? Certainly not among them. Even the hottest sparks in the bedroom require different sex positions from time to time to feed the flames—otherwise, things get dull fast.

Experimenting with new moves might also help your relationship. One of the greatest obstacles to closeness is the lack of novelty in the bedroom. Experimentation between the sheets enhances emotional intimacy and inspires partners to take chances and grow together. 

New sexual positions will urge you both to be more sensitive in and out of the bedroom. Finally, your connection will be infused with an extra dose of trust. You can also buy cameras and devices from the best cam sites to make your moments more memorable and spicy. 

You know what it means when she gets that expression on her face. You know what you need when you feel that tense, expectant need all across your body. Sometimes all you want to do is get down to business. There’s no “making love,” no prolonged foreplay, no hassle, no frills; you’re just anxious to start.

Listed below are the top 15 sex positions for hot, nasty sex.

  1. Leaned Back Cowgirl

Allow her to lie back and lay her hands on the bed behind her when she becomes sleepy. She’ll be doing a crab walk. Tell her to open her legs wide so you can see yourself sliding in and out of her.

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

Increase the naughtiness by having her climb to the top while facing your feet rather than your face. She hunches over and rests her weight on her outstretched palms. Hold her hips and move at an excruciatingly slow pace. You’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of all the action.

  1. G-Spot Stroke

Begin in Missionary, then sit up and place your hands on your knees. Put her left ankle on your left shoulder and her right ankle on your right shoulder. With your hands, lift her hips into the air. You can get into her and slide straight along her G-spot in this position. The surge of blood to her head from being upside down will intensify her experience.

  1. Doggystyle

Similar to how Missionary, an old classic, was one of the winners for the most romantic sexual position, Doggystyle is the apparent victor for the most raunchy sex position. Though not particularly inventive or novel, it is wild, passionate, and animalistic. It’s also adaptable; she can vary the angle by propping herself up on her palms or elbows. And there’s nothing hotter than being told to “get on your feet and knees.”

  1. Doggy With A Prop

Try Doggystyle on a bench, stairway, or sofa for a change of scenery and varied viewpoints. This is ideal when matters are so hot and heavy that you cannot make it to the bedroom.

  1. Oyster

Allow her to lie flat on her back and enter as a missionary. Bend her legs and draw them into the air, forming a capital-M in front of you. Put one hand on the back of each of her thighs and push her legs apart even more. You’ll get a fantastic view and intense penetration.

  1. Flat-Footed Cowgirl

Allow her to climb on top of you while lying on your back. Then, have her put her weight on her feet rather than her knees. She’ll be able to bounce up and down with a lot more energy. This is a difficult position to hold for an extended period (the thigh burn! ), but those few minutes will be intense.

  1. The Face Sit

You are flat on your back, and she on her knees, hovering over your face, is the best oral sex position. Pull back her clitoral hood with one hand while fingering her vaginal canal with the other. Alternatively, maintain your tongue wide and flat and urge her to grind against you.

  1. Tabletop

This one necessitates a waist-level platform, such as a strong table, desk, or even a high bed. Allow her to lie with her feet hanging over the side. Place yourself between her legs. For leverage, grab her hips or shoulders.

  1. Handcuffs

Tell her to turn over, so her tummy is resting on the same surface (if the table is cold or hard, place a blanket or towel down). Pull her hands behind her back and grasp them with one or both of your own hands. Try pulling her hair if you have a free hand (make sure she consents and considers using a safe word).

  1. Standing Wrap

Standing sex is divisive; you either love it or despise it. It can be great for a wicked quickie if you’re a fan. Find her in the hall or the closet. If you’re in a hurry and she’s wearing a skirt, keep your clothing on but take her underwear off. Allow her to wrap one of her legs around your torso. You’ll have an easier time penetrating her, and she’ll be able to hold on with her leg.

  1. Legsplitter

Allow her to lie on her back. Get down on your knees and wrap your arms around one of her thighs. Allow her to take the other leg and place the ankle on your shoulder. Her legs will be fully spread, providing easy access and a beautiful view.

  1. Heels Over Head

Lean forward from the G-Spot Stroke nearly to the point where you were in Missionary. Her legs will bend backward (ask her how flexible she is!). This angle can be far more fascinating for both of you.

  1. Crossed Legs

Sit back from the G-Spot stroke, so your buttocks rest on your ankles. She can cross her legs such that her left ankle is on your right shoulder and her right ankle is on your left shoulder (crossing them will create an even tighter fit). Nothing beats seeing her legs in the air as you go shopping!

  1. Cannonball

If her legs become fatigued from being in the air, have her bend her knees, pull her legs together, and place her feet on your chest (she will appear to be preparing to perform a cannonball). You’ll still be able to get deep into her, and she’ll be able to get feisty and start pushing against you by using her legs.

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