Your Sleeping Friend Is Getting BJ From Your Wife

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friends blowjob hotwife caption your sleeping friend is getting BJ from your wife Quick, baby, take the picture before your friend wakes up. Fine, I’ll go deeper. What do I do if he wakes up with his cock in my mouth?

One thought on “Your Sleeping Friend Is Getting BJ From Your Wife”

  1. Don't worry baby. If he wakes up with his huge cock in your mouth, he would pretend that he is sleeping so that you would feel innocent and curious and even feel free to climb on top of his cock with your pussy and fuck him well. Don't worry dear, I believe in him, he is my friend and I also believe in your wonderful sexual abilities. I will definitely ask him next time that he fuck your pussy after I lick your pussy while you pretend to sleep so that you are both equal.

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