Sexy Brunette Takes Nice Doggy Pounding on the Sofa

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His cock was able to get so much more out of my wife; more passion, more orgasms, more animalistic sounds… When I fuck her it is amazing and we fall apart sweaty and satisfied. But when he fucks her she never wants to stop. He does something to her I don’t do. When he slides that monster deep inside my wife, the sigh that pours from her lips is like no other. When she cums from feeling him buried deep, she cums with her whole body, mind and soul. He reaches places I don’t. He touches her in places I can’t reach. I am lucky love is such an intangible thing, and I never doubt she loves me with all her heart. But when it comes to pure sex, his enormous cock leaves her gasping and craving to have it again as soon as she can.

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