Sextoys and Boytoys – Everything for Mutual Satisfaction

The world is full of pleasures, and sex is not the last one here. Some couples choose the option of a free marriage, wanting to try much more than traditional relationships can offer them. When we are talking about a hotwife, you probably will imagine a 35-45-year-old woman who passionately wants more sex, but for some reason, her husband cannot give it. 

porn blog hotwife caption Sextoys and boytoys everything for mutual satisfaction

Today, the boundaries have shifted a little – you can be a real hotwife even in your 20-25 years if this is your best family scenario. A hot wife does what she wants for her pleasure, and her husband is just watching. Or sometimes he is allowed to use a male masturbator while his wife is having real sex. Although, today even the world of sex toys for men can serve for the pleasure of the Hotwife.

Adviсe: start with a sex shop 

Many couples will not begin their experiments with other partners so fast. Inviting a third person to bed, or a couple at once is a responsible step. But, they can go to a sex shop just to find “mechanical” assistants, because today the market for sex devices is so diverse! 

Interestingly, most toys for women are really intended only for the pleasure of lovely ladies. And almost every sex toy for men can be used by both partners! So I suggest we focus on toys for boys. 

Some couples really believe that after buying a toy, there are already three of them in bed. And yes, they like the effect! For example, the cock ring will give pleasure to both, and you will definitely get the feeling that someone else is in your bed. Firstly, a man’s erection becomes more powerful due to the work of a vibrating and stimulating ring. A bad erection is one of the main problems that lead couples to the idea of starting relationships in the style of a sexy wife and cuckold, by the way. 

Here’s a secret for you – you don’t even have to have a penis to use the penis ring, because the device can be used simply as a vibrator. It’s a bit unfair to men, but it’s perfect for cuckold games! A vibrating toy may become your first Bull, whom you invite into your bed. A powerful vibration can bring a woman to orgasm in just 2-5 minutes, and yes, any vibrator becomes a good competitor! This is a great option to test the feelings of both partners – will you be jealous? 

Hotwife and boytoys – live toys for wifey 

If you have already tried all the popular toys from the sex shop, and you want more, then it’s time to discuss the details with your spouse. Do you mind trying out the role of a hot wife? 

Cheating or to tell openly that you want to try this kinky scenario? 

To fuck right in front of your husband, or just hint that there was sex? 

Let him choose partners for you, or just make a hot surprise for him?

One lover, or many different men?  

Let cuck caress you together with Bull, or let him just watch?

And you need to discuss the option of cuckold chastity cage – for many couples, it is a necessary attribute during sex! Penis cages are made of different materials – from dense plastic to steel. But the main thing is that the cage will not allow the cuckold to touch his penis without permission. 

Many models can be used not only during games but even all day, several days if you prefer! The men who accept the role of cuck like it – it means they also accepted the role of a boy toy. And his wife will have a choice – she will allow her spouse to take off the cage and join sex with her lover or not. The reward is to take off the belt and get the satisfaction that still needs to be earned. 

porn blog hotwife caption Sextoys and boytoys everything for mutual satisfaction

The choice for a hotwife – as many partners as she can afford   

Few people stop at one constant lover, most women still want to try different dicks when they have such permission and the full consent of their spouse. Especially if they have been married for a long time, or the spouse is one of her first partners. Modest women can become really nasty tigresses after 20 years of marriage! Men of different ages, different nationalities, skin colors, a variety of poses, and crazy sex parties. The more dicks – the more fun – this is the motto of a Hotwife. 

Of course, someone can leave such a strong sex impression that a hotwife will accept him as her One and permanent Bull, but most often it takes years. After all, even if it is possible to find such a lover, this is already stability, and stability has bored hotwives so much in marriage. It is better to replenish the boytoys collection for sex, and not think about finding another “the One”. 

And some fun for a cuck 

Pleasure for cuck should be discussed in advance. By the way, if you like the topic of BDSM, then you may well come up with your own system of rewards and punishments. If he behaved well and did not interfere with his wife to fuck with her chosen Bull, then he may get a small sex toy as a reward. Tenga egg, for example! Or a good lubricant, vibrating masturbator… Sex shops offer a huge selection of toys for men. 

If the wife was dissatisfied with the cuck’s behavior, then the toys will be immediately taken away. Some cuckolds prefer to put limits on themselves, experiencing a special pleasure from the inability to satisfy their desires. The pleasure of the spouse and her orgasms mean much more than their own. 

Who said that sex life in marriage or with a regular partner should be monotonous? You can always try something really exciting and new. The world of SexyWife and Cuckold is always an opportunity to live according to your own scenario, choose your own rules of sex, and enjoy to the fullest!

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