My Tiny Peepee Next to My Wife Bull

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What can you say Really! The reason I became a cuckold. YOU’RE TOO SMALL

One thought on “My Tiny Peepee Next to My Wife Bull”

  1. I had thought that my x wife maybe was having an affair, But never had I thought that I would be cucked and becum her/his Cockhold before whe finally left for only him and His Big Cocl Fucking her 6 times in one day and nitght, Each time she told me she had another orgasm. I did my best to try and keep her helping her get ready for her first overnite, actually 3 nites. Help her shop and me buying her sexy undergarments, panties ie. to take on her getaway. Turns out that she never even got to put on her sexy underwear, they went without, naked alll night and as far i know all 3 days him fucking her pussy untilshe was hardly able to walk. I greated her whenshe arrived home, looked into her eyes and realized she was not longer goiong to be my wife but will contimue to play the role in necessary for ny sake. Decided the and their thatI would becum a sissy cuck for her and him if they wanted, they did not want. Decided then that I would becum a Bottom sissy Cock/cu, lover and swallower for Manly Mans wqnts and needs sexually. stephanie curl

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