I Caught Her Cheating Several Times Now I Think I Like It

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wifesharing my favourite cuckold humiliation femdom cuckold ex bf dirty talk cum dump cuckold stories cheating captions cuckold bully cuckold bull bigger dick bbc cuckold captions hotwife caption I caught her cheating several times now I think I like it My wife started having lots of affairs soon after we were married. I caught her several times, but I always forgave her and took her back. But, the affairs kept on happening so we started seeing a marriage counselor. In one of the sessions I made the mistake of confessing that sometimes my wife’s affairs did turn me on a bit. After that, the tone of our sessions began to change and everything concentrated on my “condition.” Now, our counselor says my wife’s addiction to black cock is “normal”. Our counselor is a woman, so I’m beginning to think she’s biased. Perhaps she’s been getting black dick on the side as well. She’s also married and white. I think there’s a conspiracy going on and they are taking full advantage of my cuckold tendancies. I’m getting used to seeing my wife like she’s shown in the above photo, and I’m starting to like it. Next week, they are going to start hypnotherapy on me to make me like it even more!

One thought on “I Caught Her Cheating Several Times Now I Think I Like It”

  1. I wish she was my wife. I would make sure she got black cock 3-4 times a week and hopefully would want to breed black.

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