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TRANSFORMATION INTO A BLACK MEN’S BREEDING SOW No honestly, here’s the thing. The other day I went out for a meal with a male friend. While we were chatting I became aware that I was being stared at. I tried not to make eye contact with the guy staring at me, though found it very hard, given that he was the most gorgeous looking young black guy. He looked me up and down while wearing a very provocative grin: It made me blush. Though more than that, I felt a tingling between my legs, like I hadn’t felt in ages and certainly not with maggot dick in mind, my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I love him though when it comes to sexual desire, it just isn’t there anymore. The moment was fleet as the guy winked at me, stood up and left. Later that evening, while undressing for bed I thought about earlier and my black admirer. As I pulled my panties down, I could see the crotch was soaked with my pussy juice. Knowing it was caused by my reaction to the black guy, I felt ashamed; I wasn’t that sort of woman, why do I feel so horny? Pushing the thoughts from my mind I got into bed. Later that weekend… They exchange admiring glances at their bodies as they undress either side

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