Happy Life With Vixen Wife

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porn blog hotwife caption Happy Life With Vixen Wife
Honey, I need to hear you saying the words. Tell me you want me to see other men.

Everyone knows that married people have boring sex. That’s what all my friends were saying. And I thought it would be different for me because I married a vixen with big tits and a massive ass who loves working out and keeping her body in check. That helped a lot in the first couple of years of our marriage. But even though I was very much in love with my wife and I was still lusting for her body, sex got boring after a while. We used to fuck every day. But slowly it went to once a week and then to once a month. But it wasn’t because I wasn’t horny. However, we’ve tried everything, and nothing was exciting anymore.

I started looking for excitement elsewhere, and I’m not talking about cheating. I turned to porn and live cam sex to stir up my sexuality. My wife could feel that I get my excitement elsewhere, and she thought I had a mistress. One night, when I thought she was asleep, I went downstairs to jerk off to some porn. She thought I left so that I could chat with my supposed mistress, and she followed me downstairs, spying on me. She saw me browse for porn and masturbate. And she only interrupted me after an hour. When she finally said something, I was ashamed of getting caught redhanded. But she was happy I wasn’t cheating on her and even said she was turned on by watching me jerk off to other girls. She offered to help me and had me watch porn while she jerked me off. That’s how my wife threesome fantasy was born.

Online Threesome Adventures With Internet Hotties

porn blog hotwife caption Happy Life With Vixen Wife
Reblog If Your Wife has a Hall Pass

We realized that we got bored with our sex life because we got used to each other. Even though we’ve tried all kinks, we knew each other so well that nothing would surprise us anymore. But watching porn together and jerking me off seemed to work for both of us. And we went from watching random porn on sex tubes to live cam sex. Sinparty became her favorite porn site because it had lots of independent content creators who were also available for live cam sex. Our first live cam sex experience was with Lolliepopxxx, a hot and young Latina. We told her about our fantasy, and she was so thrilled to be part of it. I didn’t have to do anything except tell the camgirls what to do. My wife was doing all the work on my cock, and at the same time, she would finger herself. Everything was so amazing that after we both came at the same time, she used my jizz as lube and kept jerking me off for another half hour until I was able to cum again. In the meanwhile, both my wife and the Latina babe who was chatting with us had lots of orgasms. We’ve tried it with lots of girls. But Cherry Adams is our all times favorite. Not only that I like her, but she instantly clicked with my wife. They started to fantasize about fucking each other. After a while, I had to jerk off myself while they focused on each other. Our online threesome adventure with Cherry evolved over time. We started hanging out on webcam even after we’d finished cumming, drinking wine, and chatting. And we planned to meet in real life. We’ve already booked a vacation for the three of us in Brazil. And we’re all excited to turn our online threesome fantasy into the real thing. I’ll come back with the story.

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