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My wife has begun lying out by our new pool naked. I was working in the yard and noticed movement by our fence and snuck to see what it was and discovered a few of the neighborhood boys had secretly spotted her. I crept along the fence to hear what they were whispering and was pleased and excited to discover they were planning on joining her as soon as they could determine if I was home. Quickly I went to my wife and said loud enough for them to hear that I would run to the gardening store and be gone for a while. In reality I parked around the block and jogged back, sneaking into my own back yard. I was not disappointed. All four were down to just their shorts talking to my nude wife. She tried to cover at first but soon relaxed…l’m sure she loved their eyes on her and the raw lust she saw there. I got comfortable in the bushes. Finally Tommy, the leader, suggested that since she was naked they should be too. My wife said nothing, which to them meant yes, and they all peeled off their shorts. I was not ready for this and neither was my wife. Her eyes got big and she subconsciously spread her legs slightly, a move not lost on all of them. They gathered around her and Tommy began stroking. My wife licked her lips and the other boys joined in, soon bringing all four to epic proportions. This was going to be amazing..

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