San Diego Offers So Many Options for Wife Sharing

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Who knew that the swinging spirit is so powerful in the south of Cali? When it comes to having fun at the swinger club San Diego offers no less than 13 options, each with special features meant to attract you. You’ll find all of them listed with descriptions on Group Fun, one of the largest directories for those experimenting with swinging and those who adopted it as part of their lifestyle.

There are two main venue types where wife sharing is not only acceptable but also encouraged. On the one hand, you have the sex saunas, and on the other hand, there are the sex clubs.

Sex saunas are more casual. Most of them are open all week and some even advertise a 24/7 functioning program. However, you have more chances of finding someone fit for your wife in the afternoon hours. Also, the saunas are great for naughty escapades in the middle of the week. People are usually caught in other events on the weekend when the venues seem to be less frequent.

The sex clubs are for the weekend, with the fun starting around 10 PM. Most of them require a membership, which you must get online o a couple of days prior to an event. What’s great about sharing your wife in a sex club is the many options that you have. Clubs come with a lobby, where you can mingle with people over a couple of drinks. Then you can move the fun either in a private room or in the orgy room. They even have a themed fetish room, with BDSM gear and whatnot. Some of them offer animators, such as strippers and also masters of dominatrices. All these venues are granting 100% discretion. They come with private parking lots and they operate on a membership basis that needs to be approved by owners or operators. Some of them are hosting open tour events where you can apply for membership in person.

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