Nipple Pokie Slip

friends wife flashing hotwife caption Nipple pokie slip
“What’s that? Oh.. is it? sorry, gentlemen. Um. I can’t stop stirring this or it will burn, so. if one of you feels daring enough to just tuck it back in for me, I’d appreciate it. Just don’t pinch or pull on it. or I’ll have to make you do it to the other one too, so it doesn’t feel left out! Nobody? really guys?… if none of you wants to do it, I’ll have to call my husband into the room to do it. And knowing him, he’ll just pop out the other one too, just to be funny. Fine, but if he does that, I’ll pull off the whole top and finish cooking for you all topless. “Honey, can you help me in here? Get ready, guys.”

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